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From announcing your pregnancy, gender reveal, baby shower, birth of a new baby to naming ceremonies, Christenings/Baptisms is a fantastic time to celebrate.  We have access to a huge range of baby balloons, personalised balloons and gift balloons which we can place baby’s clothing, nappies, teddies and anything else which maybe suitable inside a balloon for a unique way of providing a present.  Then when it comes to their naming ceremony, Christening or Baptism we can help you celebrate your little one by providing half a decade of experience in decorating venues. Whether you’re having a Peter Rabbit theme, a teddy bear theme or just keeping it simple we can personalise all the décor to ensure it’s a magical day!

NEW FOR 2023 - we can provide light up numbers, letters, sequin or other backdrops plus much much more to enhance your celebration relating to babies.

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